Terms and Conditions

Booking Reservation

To book a reservation at KeGG Media Studio, a non-refundable payment of half the total booking cost must be made. Upon receipt of the deposit, the studio will be marked as reserved on the calendar, and the client will receive a confirmation email. The remaining balance must be paid at the time of the booking.

Cancellation Date and Time Changes

Booking changes and cancellations are allowed up to 7 days before the reserved date for a date change and 24 hours before for a time change, subject to availability. Once within six days of the reservation, the date cannot be altered. If a client begins using the studio before their scheduled time, they are responsible for paying for that time. The payment covers the full reserved time, including any extra hours, regardless of actual arrival or departure times. Early termination of the booking will not result in a reduction of the payment due for the entire reserved time as well as any extra time.

Non-Refundable Deposits

Payments made as a deposit to KeGG Media are not eligible for a refund. The deposit is necessary to secure the booking and prevent the studio from accepting other clients for the same date and time. The minimum deposit required is 50% of the studio rate, but any amount paid beyond this, or the full payment is considered the deposit and is also non-refundable.

Equipment Rental

The studio rental rate does not include lighting or other equipment or props, since the customer may opt to supply their own. We rent out equipment depending on the client’s exact production requirements, and we don’t want to charge them for anything they don’t need. Subject to availability, we can add our rental equipment to any booking. Because the sort of lighting and equipment required vary widely from production to production, we provide pre-lit systems that have been set up, powered, and diffused for the convenience of the customer. We provide a large range of rental equipment and supplies, as well as pre-light alternatives to spare clients the trouble of hauling their gear.

for a comprehensive list of available equipment.

Overtimes and exceeding booking times:

If a client extends their booking beyond the scheduled time, they will be charged an hourly rate for each additional hour. The availability of overtime is not guaranteed. Rental fees for on-site equipment must be paid at the time of booking.

Cleanliness of the studio and damage

When making a reservation, the customer agrees to take full responsibility for any damage to the studio’s walls, floors, furniture, fixtures, appliances, sofas, vending machines, pool tables, props, and other items that are housed in or attached to the space. Any missing or damaged equipment must be replaced at the client’s expense.

A further obligation of the client is to return the studio in the same condition as when they rented it. Following the conclusion of the client’s booking, KeGG Media will take on the duty of light cleaning, including mopping and brushing the floors. The customer and/or the production staff are responsible for putting all trash in the appropriate containers.

In the event that the studio is not left in a respectable state, a $200 excessive clean-up cost will be added to the client’s payment.

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